Cut your Company Travelling Expenditure with corporate Housing Apartments than Hotel stay

Choosing between a hotel and corporate house? How would that benefit you? Is it actually cost effective? Numerous global and domestic budget hotels along with corporate accommodations have been on the scene and have been expected to rise in future. This is because companies are continuously seeking short and long term rental solutions and are investing efforts to come to lower cost residencies for their employees.

“Hotels cost a lot. Serviced apartments are flexible at slashing their prices as compared to hotel chains and we have realized that tapping options of cheaper stays has benefited the company hugely,” said Vinay Negi, assistant manager, administration and facilities, at Capgemini. Let’s take a look at how effective these costs are cutting the travelling costs.

The foremost question that comes to our mind is that of the walkability of the neighborhood. Remember, the nearer the office premises are to your apartment the lesser you would have to worry of how your employee gets there. Moreover, the surroundings in which it is located also has an effect which otherwise would call for 24 hour conveyance if he/she is unable to travel even to the nearest café in zero safety. When your local entertainment spots and restaurants are far from near, that would impose costs to be fulfilled for care rentals or a temporary transport means for their convenience. In doing so, you should also bring into consideration dine-in availability and its pricing so as to make the apples-to-apples comparison to the traditional lodging services. What you would realize at the end of the trip would be the sizeable savings you would amass in the form of the budgetary slips. These would be received in the form of the stated services along with the airport shuttle, breakfast etc.

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Moreover, the daily rates in the various properties have the ability to run much less than those of the comparable hotels.  Along with the comfort and luxury that they provide, corporate apartments also showcase a well-equipped kitchen resulting in saving on the meal expenses.

The corporate condos usually offer you high speed internet access and a fully equipped business center and conference room so as to ensure the maximum assistance if you plan to arrange for a business meeting right there. The same finances could have been spent on finding alternates to this which definitely has saved you the effort of doing so.

So take a good look at your staff-travel costs, and you’re most likely to come across plenty of potential savings that would allow you to make available a comfortable and cost-effective trip for them.

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